Hoan Kiem turtle escapes because of poor-quality net

Published: 09/03/2011 05:00



VietNamNet Bridge – The nets used to catch the turtle were bought from the regular market so the turtle easily broke the nets to slip away.

After failing to catch the ancient turtle on March 8, scientists and officials met to learn experience from the incident and to prepare for the next catching.

“At the meeting, the net provider admitted that they bought poor quality nets from the market,” said Nguyen Ngoc Khoi, leader of the turtle-catching team. The torn net was bought by the Hanoi Seacooking Bureau from the coastal city of Hai Phong.

Hanoi authorities have assigned the KAT Trade Corporation, which is experienced at taking care of turtles, to prepare specialized nets for the next catching.

“The new net will be five times wider than the old one. KAT will complete the net in three days, starting from March 9,” Khoi said.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Vinh, a seafood expert, said that it would be very difficult to catch the turtle the second time. Khoi agreed but confirmed “We will catch him”.

Hanoi authorities will fix the time for the next catching, Khoi said.

After the failed catch yesterday, many people said that Hanoi should find another measure, which is more effective.

“The team of workers who pulled the net is insufficient. They pulled the net manually and were not supported by specialized equipment so how could they be successful,” said Tran Van Thanh, a witness.


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Hoan Kiem turtle escapes because of poor-quality net - Features - In depth |  vietnam travel company

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