Preserver of ancient lamps

Published: 14/03/2011 05:00



Catholic priest Nguyen Huu Triet of Tan Sa Chau Churd in HCM City has collected more than 1,300 old lamps in 17 years. Some of them were made 2,500 years ago.

Father Triet and his 2,500-year-old terra-cotta lamp.

Father Triet said that he began collecting ancient lamps since he was appointed to Tan Sa Chau Church and saw several old oil lamps at the church in 1993.

Wherever he went, from Vietnam to Cambodia, Indonesia, India, China, etc. Triet bought old lamps. Those who knew about his hobby brought their old lamps to him.

After 17 years, father Triet currently has more than 1,300 lamps of all kinds and different ages. The oldest lamps were over 2,500 years old.

The priest keeps around 400 lamps at the Tan Sa Chau church, 900 others at a traditional house and 60 in the central city of Hue city. The most valuable lamps are displayed in his office.

“I have spent all my assets to buy old lamps. Now I have only a T-shirt and a trousers but I’m happy because I have partly contributed to the preservation of culture, which will disappear into oblivion without anyone caring,” he said.

Priest Triet is recognized as the person who owns the largest collection of old lamps in Vietnam by the Vietnam Record Book Center.

Triet’s lamps:

A terra-cotta lamp dated back 2,500 years ago.

A terra-cotta lamp of 2000 years old.

This lamp is also 2000 years old.

A Chinese lamp.

This lamp was made in the 7th century by Khme people.

A pottery lamp of 500 years old.


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