Teens aim to shock with slogan T-shirts

Published: 18/03/2011 05:00


Youngsters are causing a stir by sporting clothes emblazoned with sexually suggestive and rude statements.

Youngsters are causing a stir by sporting clothes emblazoned with sexually suggestive and rude statements.

Wearing T-shirts with “unique” slogans has become a teenage trend. A schoolboy from Mac Dinh Chi high school in Hanoi boasted: “Yesterday I wore a T-shirt with the slogan “I’ve not relieved myself for 40 days”. Everybody looked at my T-shirt. That slogan is very funny and special!”

“I’m a virgin for 99.9 percent” is the slogan on the T-shirt of Van, 20. “This T-shirt is my birthday present. I like it very much and I don’t care about comments. My friends have T-shirts with much more shocking slogans,” she said.

Some teens create slogans themselves and they compete to make striking slogans such as “I’m less. I love girls”, “I’m gay”, “When I run, people look after my footsteps” and “I’m a robber”.

Some teens wear T-shirt with weird slogans accompanied with sexy or dirty pictures, for example a couple making love or a dunghill with flies around. They wear these T-shirts anywhere they like.

Phuong Ngoc, 18, even wears T-shirts with “shocking” slogans at official events. On a visit to her boyfriend’s family she wore T-shirts with slogans which included, “Sleep with me, free breakfast”, “I want to have sex” and “I will never betray my friends, unless I’m paid highly enough”.

An employee of a T-shirt printing shop on August Revolution Road in HCM City said that he was sometimes shocked by the strange slogans requested by teen customers.

Psychological experts said that slogan T-shirts are a way for teens to express their personalities but they added that weird slogans might harm their image.

“A couple attended my birthday party with a pair of T-shirts with pictures of toilet paper and latrines. I was very afraid because my parents were there. It was unacceptable!” said Hang, a high school girl from Go Vap district, HCM City.

“I often go to street restaurants with my close friend. Once he wore a T-shirt printed with the line ‘I think… He is gay’ with an arrow to the right side. I knew that he doesn’t mean badly but it was annoying,” said Tan, from Le Hong Phong High School, HCM City.

Thuy Thom

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