Two ancient tombs unearthed in Hanoi’s new urban center

Published: 20/04/2011 05:00



VietNamNet Bridge – Two ancient tombs and an ancient well which were built in 4th and 6th centuries have been discovered in Hanoi’s Ciputra new residential area.

The first tomb was dug up by road builders in the evening of April 1. The Vietnam Archaeology Institute has sent three experts to the site. Construction activities at this area have been canceled to serve urgent excavation. Shortly after that, the second tomb and the well were unearthed.

The two tombs were buried around 2 meters underground. The big one is 4.7m long and 2m wide and high. The other is 3.9m long, 1.2 m wide and nearly 1m high. The two tombs are parallel.

The two tombs were built by terra-cotta bricks, with domes. Bricks have patterns and ancient characters.

Archaeologists have collected around 30 items from the big and five from the small tombs, including nine rusty iron nails, which were believed to be driven into coffin, some burnt rice seeds, etc. There are no traces of the coffin and bones.

Dr. Nguyen Lan Cuong, from the Vietnam Archaeology Institute, said that the two tombs were built in the 4th or 6th centuries. The bigger tomb was built earlier than the small one. The tombs are in Chinese style, but the owners may be Vietnamese.

Cuong said that the most valuable item excavated from the tombs is a beautiful pottery vase in the shape of a rooster. However, some items in the tombs may be lost immediately when they were discovered, so the identification of the men buried in the tombs cannot be identified.

The ancient well is located around 100m from the two tombs. The tombs look similar to tombs in the Thang Long Royal Citadel.

Dr. Cuong said that the well may have the same date with the tombs.

“I think that under the tombs and the well is a complexity of relics, perhaps the entire village along the Red River,” Cuong said.

Cuong said, that in other countries, such relics are often fenced and opened for public. The Hanoi Museum planned to move the ancient well to its campus.

“Perhaps after the two tombs are completely excavated (April 20), builders will continue to level the site to lay water pipes,” Dr. Cuong said.

The site where ancient tombs and well were unearthed:

Source: VNE

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Two ancient tombs unearthed in Hanoi’s new urban center - Features - In depth |  vietnam travel company

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