• Carter may visit DPRK soon: U.S. spokesman

    26/03/2011 05:00

    Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter may visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) next month, U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said on Thursday. Toner told reporters that the U.S. government is aware of Carter’s plan, but emphasized...

  • EU leaders meet amid Portuguese political crisis, protests

    EU leaders meet amid Portuguese political crisis, protests

    25/03/2011 05:00

    European Union (EU) leaders began their two-day summit on Thursday amid a political crisis in Portugal and protests by trade unions against austerity measures taken by eurozone member states to struggle out of the debt crisis....

  • EU summit greeted by anti-austerity protests

    EU summit greeted by anti-austerity protests

    25/03/2011 05:00

    Tens of thousands of people marched here Thursday against austerity measures as European Union (EU) leaders were to begin a crucial summit to endorse a comprehensive response to the year-long debt crisis. Protestors...

  • Japan earthquake rattles carmakers in China

    25/03/2011 05:00

    The global supply chain disruption following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan has sent shockwaves through auto makers in China, especially companies that are funded by Japanese car makers. Many Japanese carmakers and parts...

  • US halts Japan food imports, Tokyo water contaminated 

    24/03/2011 05:00

    A Japanese tsunami survivor stands in front of messages displayed on the wall of a relief center in Rikuzentakata, Iwate prefecture. Japanese authorities advised against allowing infants to drink tap water in Tokyo due to raised...

  • Dino Hien brings “Human trees” to Singapore

    Dino Hien brings “Human trees” to Singapore

    23/03/2011 05:00

    Vietnamese painter Dino Hien (Nguyen Dinh Hien) on March 18 opened his solo exhibition entitled “Human trees” at Singapore’s famous gallery GJ Asian Art. Hien is the first Vietnamese to exhibit paintings at this gallery....

  • Experts pore over contaminants in Japan's radioactive spill 

    22/03/2011 05:00

    A boy receives a radiation scan at a screening center in Koriyama in Fukushima prefecture on March 22, 2011 Authorities across Asia stepped up checks this week on Japanese imports after radioactive contaminants showed up in...

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