Dino Hien brings “Human trees” to Singapore

Published: 23/03/2011 05:00



Vietnamese painter Dino
Hien (Nguyen Dinh Hien) on March 18 opened his solo exhibition entitled “Human
trees” at Singapore’s famous gallery GJ Asian Art.

Hien is the first
Vietnamese to exhibit paintings at this gallery.

“Human trees”
includes 15 oil paintings and won a scholarship from the Australian Consulate
in HCM City
and were displayed in HCM City and Melbourne (Australia)
in late 2010.

“The “Human trees”
collection originated from the idea: along with fast urbanization, trees are
losing their living space. It is also the way man kills the planet and
themselves. Why don’t we live together with nature?” said Hien.

It took the painter
more than three years to complete the 15 paintings. He said he is still
interested in this topic.

According to Hien,
it was his luck to have a chance to introduce “Human trees” at Singapore’s
most prestigious gallery.

Hien was invited to
attend a painting auction held by Ziani in Singapore several years ago, where
he showed his painting talent on the spot and realized the losses of Vietnamese
painting. At the auction, Hien got acquainted with some Singaporean art

Last November, he
had a personal exhibition named “A touch of Vietnam
2” at the Black Earth
Museum in Singapore. All of his paintings
were sold after the exhibition. He was then invited to introduce his artworks
at the GJ Asian Art gallery.

“I only wish that
Singaporean painting collectors and lovers will have a new look about Vietnam’s
young painting art because we are partly contributing to the flow of world
art,” said Hien.

Some paintings by Dino Hien:


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