Vietnamese currency offered for sale on eBay

Published: 26/04/2011 05:00



VietNamNet Bridge - On the online auction and shopping website “eBay”, a complete set of Vietnam polymer currency banknotes are offered for sale at the price of 95 dollars, or nearly two million Vietnam dong.

The currency set includes the bank notes with the value of 500,000 dong, 200,000 dong, 100,000 dong, 50,000 dong, 20,000 dong and 10,000 dong.  The set has a real value of 880,000 dong.

The advertisement piece was posted by a member who registers himself on eBay under the nickname “sportsgear28”. The seller has assured that the bank notes are real money and that the polymer bank notes have been issued to replace old cotton bank notes. Nothing special in the serial numbers of the bank notes can be found.

The seller has advertised that the bank notes would be the great gift to those, who like collecting different currencies of different countries in the world. The advertisement piece will expire in some more days. The buyer will get the bank notes without having to pay the freight,

This is not the only member who offers to sell Vietnam polymer banknote sets on eBay. At the online market, buyers can easily find a lot of other advertisement pieces about the sale of Vietnamese currency sets, priced at between 89 dollars and 99 dollars.

Polymer banknotes prove to be not the only Vietnamese currency appeared on eBay market. Buyers can easily find at least 400 different ad pieces about the sale of Vietnamese currency which have been posted over the last month. There are different kinds of bank notes put on sales, from paper currency to coins, from the money in current circulation, to old money.

For example, someone is offering to sell 100 bank notes, which have the face value of 1000 dong (the total value of the bank notes is 100,000 dong) at the price of 30 dollars (625,000 Vietnam dong). Besides, a set of five coins issued in 2003 which have the face values of between 200 dong and 5000 dong is being offered at 5.80 dollars (buyer would have to pay 4.5 dollar in freight).

A five dong bank note with the image of President Ho Chi Minh and the words “Viet Nam Dan Chu Cong Hoa”, which was advertised as rare bank note, is priced at 0.99 dollar. A collection of 18 bank notes which were in circulation in the south of Vietnam under the Saigon regime was also put into auction with the starting price at 2.25 dollars.

The sellers of Vietnamese currency come from all over the world, but they are mostly in the US and Vietnam. Some people come from China. Most of them are considered “top rated seller” and they receive positive feedbacks from clients. This is one of the most important factors to rank sellers on eBay. If sellers receive just one negative feedback, they will nearly have no opportunity to sell the products they want, because buyers always try to contact those who have positive feedbacks.

This explains why among the ad pieces on selling Vietnamese currency on eBay, the goods offered by the people who have many positive feedbacks are always the best sellers. The member with the nickname “giftdotnet”, who got 5354 positive feedbacks, from New York, successfully sold 38 sets of Vietnamese polymer banknotes, though he set higher prices than others, at 99 dollar for each set. Thanks to 21,500 positive feedbacks, a person from Shanghai also successfully sold eight sets of coins at 5.80 dollars for each.

Vietnamese currency remains inconvertible currency which can only be used to make payment in Vietnam, not in other countries.

Source: VNE

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