VFF confused in choosing new coach for national squad

Published: 22/04/2011 05:00



The sponsoring contract between AVG Group and the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) was naturally no longer valid when coach Henrique Calisto of the national football squad left Vietnam. VFF is now confused in choosing a new coach since it has not had a new sponsor.

Coach Falko Goetz

In 2008, when Calisto returned to the national football squad the second time, VFF took $10,000 from the General Department of Sports and Physical Training, and the remaining from the VND2 billion of funding from sponsors for the team to pay wage for Calisto.

In 2010, Calisto signed a three-year contract with VFF, with monthly salary of $24,000. $10,000 came from the General Department of Sports and Physical Training and $14,000 from the sponsor AVG Group.

When Calisto left the national squad, the sponsorship contract between AVG and VFF was invalid. VFF is convincing AVG to continue paying salary for the new coach. It is said that AVG posed some difficult conditions for VFF. This is the biggest hindrance in seeking the new coach, because VFF alonel can’t afford dozens of thousands of USD a month for a foreign coach.

Of the five final candidates selected by VFF: Hans Juergen Gede, Falko Goetz, Pierre Lechantre, Eduardo Martinho Viganda, Steve Sampson – Steve Sampson refused the invitation while Pierre Lechantre asked for a wage of $40,000 per month and Martinho Viganda requested $50,000, plus $10,000/month for their assistants. These three candidates are rejected from the list.

Hans Juergen Gede and Falko Goetz are the two remaining candidates. The National Coaching Council highly appreciates Falko Goetz’s impressive achievements with Hertha Berlin Club. The coach claimed $25,000/month and an assistant. During negotiation, he agreed to go to Vietnam alone.

Even when Goetz agreed to go to Vietnam without his assistant, it is difficult for VFF to seek funding to pay him. At the same time, Hans Juergen Gede suddenly expressed his willingness to come to Vietnam with a salary of less than $15,000/month. This move has made VFF confused.

The federation cannot make a choice though the deadline for choosing a new coach for the national team was April 15.

The new coach will be responsible to take U23 Vietnam squad to the championship of the 16th Southeast Asian Games in late 2011, and help the Vietnam national team and Olympic team play well at the qualifier round of the World Cup 2014, and the Olympic London 2012 in June.

Brief career biography of Hans Juergen Gede:

Gede was born on November 14, 1956 in Germany.

He was a halfback playing for Schalke in Bundesliga tournament (1975-1976 & 1976-1977). He played in 33 matches, scoring 2 goals.

After that he played for Preussen Muenster (1977-1979) and Fortuna cologne (1979-1991) in 414 matches, recording 58 goals.

Achievements: The second top team in 1983 with Cologne team and the second top team of Bundesliga with Schalke team in 1977.

In 1991, Gede brought the second-division Fortuna Cologne team to Bundesliga, but he stepped down one year later.

In 1994, he was the coach of the Persepolis club in Tehran, Iran, and a third-class team in Germany, KSV HEssen Kassel in 1996-1997. In 1998, Gede led the U23 squad of Iran.

From 1999-2001, Gede was the coach of SV Lippstadt 08, a third-grade club in Germany and then assistant coach for another third-grade team, Rot-Weiss Oberhausen.

In April 2005, he became the chief coach of the Uzbekistan national squad, but he was in this post for only one month. From 2005-2006, he led Tarbiat Badani Yazd club of Iran and then Al-Ahli club of Bahrain.

Brief career biography of Hans Falko Goetz:

Falko Falko Goetz, 49, is a German former soccer player and last manager of Holstein Kiel.

As a midfielder, Goetz began his career in East Germany with Vorwärts and later BFC Dynamo. In 1983, before a European Cup match against Partizan Belgrade, he fled to the west. For this rule breach, he was banned by FIFA for one year, but was able to stay in the west, joining Bayer Leverkusen, where he stayed for five years, moving to 1. FC Köln in 1988. With Bayer Leverkusen, he won the UEFA Cup in 1988. He scored in the second leg of the final against Espanyol, one of three goals needed to equal a 3-0 deficit. Leverkusen eventually went on to win the game on penalties. He had spells with Galatasaray (1992–94), Saarbrücken (1994–95), and Hertha BSC (1995–97) before retiring, to take up the role of Hertha’s reserve team manager.

Coach career:

1994: Training A-Licence of the German Football Association (DFB)

1997: Head coach of the second team of Hertha BSC Berlin and commitment as a Scout for their professional team.

1998: Head coach of the amateur and youth field of Hertha BSC Berlin, qualification as a football tutor of the DFB at the university of sports in Cologne.

2000: Head coordinator of the amateur and youth field of Hertha BSC Berlin, construction of the “Hertha BSC-Football-Academy”. Member of the “Task Force” of the DFB, which develops new training methods for the age of 10 to 14.

2001: Leader of the “Hertha BSC-Football-Academy”

2002: From February 6th to June 30th : Interim head coach of the professional team of Hertha BSC Berlin. Finished 4th and qualified for UEFA-Cup.

From March 2003 to June 2004: Head coach of the TSV Munich 1860

From July 2004 to April 2007: Head coach of Hertha BSC Berlin

2009: Head coach of Holstein Kiel


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