Vietnamese hi-tech toy stands out at Hong Kong expo 

Published: 24/01/2011 05:00


A visitor examines the "AFO Returning" toy made by Vietnamese firm Tosy Robotics at a Hong Kong exhibition this week.

A Vietnamese firm has made a strong impression with its products at a game and toys exhibition in Hong Kong, winning export contracts to many countries.


Tosy Robotics is expected to export around three million "Tosy AFO Returning", which functions like a boomerang.


The toy attracted many visitors at the three-day exhibition that wrapped up in Hong Kong on Wednesday.


Distributors from Germany, Belgium, Singapore, the Middle East and Middle America have each ordered tens of thousands of the toy while Hong Kong distributor Monarch International ordered a million of them.


Ho Vinh Hoang, general director of the company, said many big producers have asked to be the exclusive distributors of "Tosy AFO Returning" at several markets.


The product has also met quality standards in order to be imported to the US, he said.


John Baulch, with nearly 30 years of experience in toy production and publication, and publisher of the UK’s famous Toys ‘n’ Playthings magazine, said most companies brought to the exhibition products that are relatively old and boring. But Tosy and AFO Returning stood out, Baulch said.


Another Vietnamese company director at the exhibition said that Tosy also impressed robot makers with "Topio Pingpong."


“Currently robots in other countries only have six to eight joints but this robot has 26 and can perform a complicated act – playing ping pong.


“That’s a technological achievement for Vietnam,” the director said.


The exhibition attracted more than 1,900 toy companies and Tosy products were among the top six outstanding items every day.


Tosy Robotics started exporting its products in 2010, with 500,000 Tosy UFO, which was later updated into AFO, sold to Turkey, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Japan and Britain.


Around 210,000 of the toy were sold in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City during the last Christmas holiday.


Tosy Robotics is the first Vietnamese robotics firm that produces four types of products: gigantic robots, service robots, industrial robots and hi-tech toys.


An official with the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that Tosy products can compete well with those from China as they employ high technology that is difficult to fake.


The company is set to do well at a toy and game exhibition in New York on February 9.


Source: SGTT

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