Cloud computing services in higher demand

Published: 22/02/2011 05:00



Though cloud
computing services just appeared in Vietnam, analysts believe that the services
will rapidly develop in Vietnam
thanks to its advantages.

There still
are several arguments about “inputting data into the clouds”. However, it is
undeniable that cloud computing, which is now a growing trend in the world,
will also be a growing trend in Vietnam.

to IDC, the global cloud computing market now has a total turnover of $68 billion.
The applications in businesses in Asia alone, except Japan, can generate a turnover of
$1.3 billion. The region has been witnessing a high growth rate of 40 percent
per annum and the growth rate is expected to sustain itself until 2014.

to Stephane Kimmerline, Marketing Director of Microsoft Vietnam, the
cloud computing technology has been changing the way of applying information
technology at enterprises. He has affirmed that services will develop rapidly
in the time to come, since cloud computing allows businesses to become more
flexible in developing and expanding business operations. The new technology
allows to satisfy the demand of enterprises with low operation costs.
“Therefore, Microsoft has been targeting Vietnamese enterprises with a demand
for flexible solutions,” he said.

Company has also joined the market of providing application software to
businesses by becoming a partner which implements the solutions of in Vietnam.
Nguyen Tuan Hung, Deputy General Director of FPT-IS, said now is the right time
to begin with cloud computing. FPT-IS has chosen Salesforce because this is the
software application provider that is pioneering cloud computing technology,
while the customer relationship management solution Salesforce CRM is used at
nearly 90,000 enterprises worldwide.

to Hung, cloud CRM is a growing technology which will gradually replace
traditional CRMs that require heavy investments and the maintenance of costly
equipments. With cloud computing, enterprises can access  Salesforce CRM via the internet by leasing
users, and they do not have to install any hardware or software. The “services
on the cloud” can provide anything enterprises need and at the lowest possible

In Vietnam, many foreign invested enterprises such
as Dell, Prudential, ANZ or Capital
Land have been using the
solution, especially the enterprises which need to have professional customer
care networks. The web-based customer-oriented applications can help
enterprises have good interactions with customers and help crate a social
network which allows users to share experiences and show their demands,
therefore, this can help enterprises react promptly and timely.

began applying Salesforce CRM in 2009. Dao Huu Phuc, a senior executive of
Prudential Vietnam said that before using CRM Salesforce, Prudential Vietnam
used the traditional three-tier CRM. However, in 2009, when the company pushed
up sales, it tried to find out a flexible CRM which allowed staff and sales
agent to access it easily anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the company decided
to use Salesforce. Phuc said that the total cost of ownership TCO has decreased
by 20 percent.

the Long Hau Industrial Zone is the first client of Microsoft in Vietnam which
uses Microsoft Dynamic ERP - Software-Plus-Services. Doan Hong Dung, General
Director of Long Hau, said that Long Hau is a mixed industrial zone with many
fields, therefore, the company has chosen the solution, hoping that this will
bring the most benefits to clients.

“The demand
of clients has become more and more complicated, therefore, Long Hau needs to
increase productivity and rationalize operational processes in order to
increase the business efficiency,” he added.

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