Hanoi Botanical Gardens

Published: 23/01/2013 03:26



Hanoi Botanic Gardens or Botanic Park is a green park located in the northwest of Hanoi, established from the early years when the French arrived in Vietnam in the invasion. Currently, it is considered as the green lungs of Hanoi, where those who love nature are immersed in the green leaves and the sounds of the forest.

Time for an escape from the hustle-and-bustle of Hanoi, and a chance for a visit to what was obviously the place to have your wedding photos taken, judging by the number of brides being snapped…  We had a few hours on our last morning in Hanoi and we decided to spend them walking through the Hanoi Botanical Gardens, a pretty park just on the edge of one of the main lakes in Hanoi.

Statue in the centre of the Hanoi Botanical Gardens

Flowers in full bloom.

Workers tend to the landscaping.

Relaxed in the Botanical Gardens.

Aude in the Botanical Gardens

Matthew in the Botanical Gardens.

Vegetarian meets hunter.


Fishermen on a lunchtime break.


Peace memorial.


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