Nam Du islands, a hot destination this summer

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Nam Du is the farthest island belongs to Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province, 80km seaway from Rach Gia city. It is a pristine island with 21 various-size islets that make the beautiful archipelago in the sea. The island is located in 2 communes: An Son and Nam Du. Between December to May is the best time to explore Nam Du island, when the sea is peaceful and turquoise.

The best time to visit Nam Du is from December to May

Destinations can not be missed in Nam Du are: Hon Lon, Bai Ngu, Bai Chet, Hon Dau, Hon Nom, Hon Mau, Bai Chuong, Hon Ngang, Hon Hai Bo Dap, Hon Son, Doi Ma Thien Lanh, ...

Hon Lon is considered as the most beautiful beach in the Nam Du archipelago with lines of 60 to 70-year coconut palm trees. Visitors can do a lot of activities as well as enjoy cuisines in Bai Lon.  

Bai Ngu located in western Cu Tron. It is always full of water while other areas is seriously waterless.

Hon Son

Hon Mau has many beaches with white, smooth sand. It is usually quiet, therefore, this islet has the large number of visitors coming and population is more crowed than the other islets. 

Cuisine here is also various and  sea sood are main ingredient: garfish (xương xanh fish), squid, dried fish, noble scallop, crab, oyster, etc.

Garfish grilled with maize leaf of banana



Dried fish

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