Vietnam urged to restructure towards a green economy

Published: 24/05/2011 05:00



In order to have a green economy, experts say, it is necessary to have good solutions for the economic governance, especially in carrying out economic reform, market coordination, applying reasonable frame energy prices, as well as appropriate fiscal policy.

Reducing CO2 emissions, increasing renewable energy sources, driving the national economy to economic boom, but resources and environmental sustainability are protected all are the wishes of every country. The government of Vietnam has been applying many policies to prioritize the development of clean energy, as well as encourage green economy. However, there are still a lot of things that need to be done.

At the workshop discussing the restructuring of the national economy by saving energy, organized by the World Bank several days ago; experts mentioned the application of clean energy in China which they believe could be a good experience for Vietnam to learn. In the period from 2005 to 2010, with using technologies to use clean energy, China could create 445 million kwh of new energy, of which 21.58 percent came from hydropower and 0.86 percent came from atomic power. China has shut down old small-capacity coal run power plants with the total capacity of 72.1 million kwh, while it has built many new plants with higher capacity and efficiency than old plants.

According to Gailius J. Draugelis from the World Bank, over the last 20 years, the energy demand per GDP/capita in China has been increasing considerably. Challenges have become bigger in the country when it, with high numbers of population, has a high demand for energy, while the carbon emission is high. In such a context, China has decided to develop clean energy, and seeking renewable energies. For example, the government of China has set up minimum standards that energy companies must follow.

What can Vietnam learn from China? What should we do to reduce the CO2 emission while the number of population in urban areas has been increasing, thus bringing about harder pressure? Answering the questions, raised by Do Duc Minh, Acting Director of the Finance Training Center under the Ministry of Finance, Mr Gailius J. Draugelis said that banks and non-bank institutions in Vietnam can join forces to save energy. It is clear that saving energy also means saving money for businessmen.

According to the expert from the World Bank, in China, the energy sector saving has been privatized with the emergence of companies providing this service packages. He said that when seeing possible profits, banks would pour money into projects and the countries will proceed with energy protection economies.

On the worry about how to develop the cities with low carbon emission levels in developing countries like Vietnam, he said that this is not a complicated problem. The important thing is that the authorities need to make thorough survey before making urban programming.

It is not difficult at all to create the buildings with no CO2, if using the roofs with solar panels which provide energy for heating and cooking. It is advisable to optimize the effective use of heating or freezing systems with renewable energy, and it is necessary to think about where to put windows, doors to get light and wind in the most effective way.

“It will allow us to receive 20 percent of solar energy for a building if the building is designed in a reasonable way,” he said.

He went on to say that Vietnam can use the specific loans reserved for developing clean energy and settle the risks.

Minh said, though Vietnam is facing the problems of high inflation and overspending, the government has been applying the policies to develop clean energy and green economy. For example, it has promulgated the policy on environmental tax, offered preferences to the investment in the new technologies, taxing coal, petrol, chemical substances and plastic bags.

Source: SGTT

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