Vietnam’s famous wine brands

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Van village, Sapa’s tao meo (apple), Bau Da, Go Den wine have been famous throughout the country for their special tastes and characteristics.

Van village, Sapa’s tao meo (apple), Bau Da, Go Den wine have been famous throughout the country for their special tastes and characteristics.

Let’s discover four famous wine brands in Vietnam with LookAtVietnam.

Tao meo wine – Sapa’s essence

Coming to Sapa, a famous tourist town in Lao Cai province, visitors will not only be attracted by its fanciful beauty, but go into ectasy by its tao meo wine.

In Sapa, tao meo trees grow up on the Hoang Lien Son mountain range as a gift from the mother nature.

This is the kind of popular wine and the taste is very delicious. “Tao Meo” has enough sweet, bitter and acrid. It is a drug to lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, blood vessels, coronary vasodilation, improves heart muscle operation.

Because of the good effects, “Tao Meo” is soaked very carefully and stored for processing into pure alcohol. At first, visitors seemingly enjoy a carbonated beverage, but they can passionate when eating more and more.

The drink is made from fresh “Tao Meo”. The tree matures flowering white in late spring (May 3, 4) and gives fruit in the fall. In August, September, November, Sapa market will sell fresh fruit. The fruit will be peeled, washed to avoid bitterness and cut to pick corn. Finally, the fruit will be put into glass bottle with sugar.

The drink has “flavor mountains,” very nice brown color. Since it is good and an effective treatment, visitors who come here also try to buy a bottle of wine.

Tao meo is also used as herbal medicine to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and it is good for cardiovascular operations. It is called “fruit of love” or “bitter fruit”, because it contains fragrances of life.

Van village’s wine

The “Lang Van” wine made at Van Village, of Van Ha Commune in Bac Giang Province’s Viet Yen District. 60km from Hanoi and is renowned as Vietnam’s outstanding home-made brew.

The local people regard it as an indispensable beverage for festivals and New Year celebrations or as an offering. The wine is produced from high-quality fragrant glutinous rice grown in the fields of Van Xa Village, Van Ha Commune, Viet Yen District, combined with traditional brewer’s yeast made of rare Chinese medicinal herbs, and the wine cooking art handed down for generations.

In the past, Lang Van’s wine was served at royal banquets.

Bau Da wine

Bau Da wine is a famous specialty of Bau Da village in the central province of Binh Dinh.

The name of Bau Da originated from Cu Lam village’s Bau Da in An Nhon district’s Nhon Loc commune, 22km from Quy Nhon city.

This wine is entirely made by hand.

It is said that Bau Da wine makes drinkers have sensations of fire and ice. As a matter of fact, get a drop of wine on your skin, and you will get a chilly feeling.

Pour this wine from a height, to hear the marvelous sound of wine splashing. Then let the glass of wine spread its fragrance through the atmosphere for a moment before sipping it and feeling it foam around in the mouth.

Locals say that northern and southern tourists treated to Bau Da wine have said it is better than Johnny Walker brandy.

It is made of newly-harvested rice grains and special water, which make it transparent, and then distilled with straw and husk-fired heat.

However, the most attractive aspect of Bau Da wine is that intimate friends prefer to sit cross-legged on the floor on a moonlit night to both enjoy wine and recitals.

Go Den wine

This kind of wine appeared in the French-rule period in the southern province of Long An.

At that time French colonists banned Vietnamese from processing wine, to hold the exclusive right to supply wine to the local market. However, the wine they provided was unsuitable to the Vietnamese taste, so people illegally processed their own wine, including Go Den wine.

Go Den wine is processed by glutinous rice and herbal ferment. This wine is famous for its limpidness.


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