Chinese merchants bare their attempt to sabotage Vietnam’s economy

Published: 07/06/2013 08:00



Vietnamese businesses have shouted for help when their products are threatened by illegal low quality products. CITES Vietnam has called for the security agencies intervention. Meanwhile, state management agencies say they still cannot make any official statements.

The Vietnam Fisheries Association has affirmed that Chinese businessmen have been fostering the bad intention of sabotaging Vietnam’s agriculture production for a long time.

Vietnamese businesses shout for help

Tran Yen, the owner of a sturgeon farm in Tam Duong district of Lai Chau, said he sent a letter to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in late May 2013, asking to clarify the matter on the sturgeon imports from China and impose punishments on the Chu Va hydropower JSC.

According to Yen, in early May 2013, Chu Va set up a fish farm in Son Binh commune, importing sturgeon breeders and sturgeon merchandise for farming. It has also hired Chinese technicians.

After reporting the case to the local authorities and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), a group of inspectors came to the site to investigate the case. However, Yen has not heard anything about the inspectors’ conclusion.

In the letter to MARD Minister, Yen wrote that by May 28, Chu Va had brought away a high amounts of imported fish.

“If the minister does not reply, I would send a letter to the Prime Minister to ask for help,” Yen said.

Tran Van Hao, Chair of the Vietnam Cold Water Fish Farming Association, said the violations of Vu Van Canh, Director of Chu Va, is as clear as daylight, and he must be punished.

Fisheries association calls for investigation

Tran Cao Muu, Secretary General of the Vietnam Fisheries Association, noted that all the actions they have been taking, from collecting buffalo nails, herbs, bloodsuckers to illegally bringing toxic products to Vietnam, aim to sabotage Vietnam’s agriculture.

Dr. Le Dang Doanh, a well-known economist, also noted that he can see the signs of the Chinese attempt to sabotage the national economy.

Chinese products have been flooding the Vietnamese market thanks to their competitive prices. However, they are toxic and have low quality. A poultry egg from China is priced at VND500, while a domestic product VND3,000.

“Chinese try to kill the domestic sturgeon farming, a new career in Vietnam,” Muu noted. “It’s now the right time for the state management agencies to figure out a strategy to cope with the Chinese attempts,” Muu said.

The Vietnam Fisheries Association has sent a dispatch to the Agriculture Security Agency under the Ministry of Public Security, requesting to examine the sturgeon imports from China.

The dispatch emphasized that the illegal imports have harmed the domestic aquaculture and badly affected the fame of Vietnamese fish products.

MARD keeps silent

Nguoi lao dong reporters managed to contact Vu Tuan Cuong, Chief Inspector of the Legal Department of the Fisheries General Directorate. However, Cuong only said he still cannot make any official statement at this moment.


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